Who will it be?

Repelling down a 12 story building is no easy feat - but Colin "The Closer" Skinner and Nic "The Negotiator" Nicaud are up to the task. Who will take home this years Knoxville Fundraiser Championship Title? You can help decide!

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Or, make Restoration House of East Tennessee and Single Mothers the Champs by donating to both!


Over The Edge!

Would you go Over the Edge for those you love?

Over the Edge is an exciting new event in which participants rappel down the side of Downtown Knoxville’s 12-story Langley Building. It’s the tallest, most thrilling fundraising event to ever hit Knoxville!

Imagine yourself being one of the few special participants who will earn the opportunity to go Over the Edge by raising at least $1,000. The amazing views from the top and the life-changing adrenaline rush of going Over the Edge can only be matched by the important role you will play in helping change the future for low-income single mother families at The Restoration House.

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