Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning!


Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning!

We realize it is only January and the temperatures are anything but springlike, but we are feeling extra motivated with all the Marie Kondo hype happening and want to jump into the tidying trend! 

To summarize the new hit Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" we grabbed 6 tips for you to start your tidying process!

1) Make an exit plan for the items you are wanting to get rid of. There are 18 KARM locations and 28 Goodwill locations around the Knoxville area that would be thrilled to take your donations.


2) Put it on your schedule. Creating designated time to tidy is a great way to make sure that you are able to accomplish your desired decluttering. 


3) Marie teaches us it is about cherishing what we own, not just about getting rid of things. Focus on the items that bring you joy and be thankful to the items you get rid of. 


4) Use dividers and boxes. When you throw those batteries all in one drawer with the light bulbs and extension cords and whatever else it still makes it difficult to find each item without dividers. There are plenty of options out there to purchase but you can also always reuse shoe boxes and other containers that you already own. 


5) Store items so you can see your options. Most of us have seen Marie's clothes folding technique, but the concept is so much more than just a new fancy way of folding clothes. The point of it is to be able to see the items you own clearly so you spend less time looking for things. 


6) Now that you have learned the lesson of tidying and have decluttered your home, you are prepared to sell your home! The tidying process has made your home ready for showings and you will have less to pack when the house sells! Now all you have to do is call us The Nic Nicaud Team